Nova Scotia Photographer, Morgan Webb

My name is Morgan Webb and I reside in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, however, I serve most of Nova Scotia. I am a wife and mother to a beautiful little 3 year old boy. I am a travel enthusiast who is originally from Toronto, Ontario, but decided at a young age I was determined to live and work near the ocean. My 'after 5' passion soon became a part time job and then my full-time passion and career when everything changed when that little blue eyed boy in that scary looking incubator looked at me for the first time. At first, I focused on family portraits with a lifestyle flair but slowly overtime, I found that my favourite images were always the documentary styled images, so I started shifting my business towards this direction and have not looking back! Now I focus on young families and their new beginnings, including documentary style newborn and fresh 48 sessions. 

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My main goal is to invoke emotion when you look at your gallery for the first time. When I edit, I am usually laughing and tearing up, and LOVE when my clients come back saying that it stirred up the same emotions. I know that within the first five minutes of meeting, I have to make sure that you are comfortable, but especially your kids. Laughter is truly the best medicine for a session, and I love being goofy and just having fun with my clients, yet allowing for the moment to flow without me prompting. How we interact with our loved ones, is how we show how much we love them. It is so important for me to capture this for a client.

This session took place in the worst part of the year, the end of winter. Everything is cold and brown and it seems like everyone is just holding onto hopes that spring is coming soon. My client lives just outside of New Glasgow, NS, and had just moved back from Alberta after working out there for a bit. She contacted me wanting to do a session of their family in their new home and for updated pictures of their family as a whole and loved this time of year! We really fit as photographer and client because they were all goofballs at heart and wanted every bit of that captured! She wanted them to just do their thing as a family while I did mine as a documentary photographer. I live for sessions like these! I was so excited to truly capture the personalities of my clients.

We started off in their living room where the boys loved to tackle mom and dad, had a huge jumping on the bed session and finished off with their favourite family activity, the driveway races, which they do almost every day!

Nova Scotia Family Photographer

A few quotes from Megan after seeing her gallery were "I don't think you understand how much I love these!" and "It's EVERYTHING we wanted!!!!" which is music to my ears every single time.

Nova Scotia Childrens Photographer

"When I booked my session with Morgan, I did based on the photos I’ve seen posted on her website and social media of friends who had previous sessions with Morgan. I loved her style but I wanted something a little different and a few days before our booking I sent her a message and said “I know you are the photographer, but I want photos like these….” I had an image of what I wanted because our family is the furthest thing from posed and quiet. She responded with “Yes!!! This is the photography I love and live for”. With two boys 6 and 2, I don’t think there is ever a still moment with us, and I hoped that Morgan would be able to capture all of the crazy. Well, I can certainly say, she delivered! Morgan was able to capture everything I wanted. She was calm, kind and most important patient, and didn’t stop snapping photos the whole time she was there and the results were beautiful. I truly cannot say enough about our experience with Morgan" 

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