Love Bee Photography, Port Stanley Beach Family Session!

Member Feature with Love Bee Photography

Port Stanley Beach Photography048.jpg

There is nothing better than repeat clients! Especially repeat clients that are your very best friends. I have been friends with this Mama since we were pretty much born. Our parents went to school together! 

I have been photographing these 2 pretty girls since I bought my first DSLR camera, and its safe to say that each year their pictures get a little bit better.
We grew up in a small town called Port Stanley which is located on Lake Erie, just south of London, Ontario. Its a fishing beach town so it seemed appropriate for our yearly session that we head to the beach and shoot there. We even included the Grandparents in this session as well!  Its fun to incorporate personal places and experiences into your photography session. Why would you go pose at a park that you have never been at before and likely will never go to again? For my family sessions I always try to incorporate a favourite activity or place, the images become more meaningful that way as they can look back in years to come and remember all the good times they spent there!

My tip for shooting at the beach - The sun can be bright and there is usually very little open shade or objects to find shade. Shoot with the sun to the subjects back. The sand creates a nice reflector so even though the sun is behind them, they should still get lots of light on their faces. Try to shoot at golden hour or as close to sunset as possible. If there is a grassy area nearby, use that as well for some different texture and composition!

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